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WORLD FINANCIAL WAR | Alasdair Macleod


With commodity costs, producer costs, and vitality costs skyrocketing at a tempo not seen since WWI, the Eurozone and the Euro …



  1. Russias can trade with China and other non European countries easy…biden is a joke ..sanctions will be nothing and media is putting up a fake assurances that ukraine can defend its self . We will see many stocks crash company's fail under high energy prices and massive inflation.

  2. 17:10. Do you not think the Russians had already anticipated this reaction? 'Slowly, slowly, catchee monkey' springs to mind. They are used to be out in the cold in terms of international politics and therefore used to thinking for themselves and trusting no one. I think the greatest potential irony here is that this crisis could well focus minds with a long overdue return to the principle of value.

  3. He’s spot on euro getting killed . Government in Ireland going to take 20 cents excise duty on fuel and €200 off electricity bills . Printing more money to pay for it only if more people would listen .

  4. The Khazarian Mafia are the Globalist who have been manipulating our world and financial system for generations. The EEC was one of their experiments towards taking us to a one world government. These criminals are now running most of our western governments. Just look at those fools and the way they have taken away our rights and freedoms during this plan-demic

  5. Its very important. The decline of the Western bloc is imminent. Adding to Alasdair's remarks: not to meddle in its own business, by interfering in local governance issues, is the harbinger of a system now doomed to its loss, and it is we who will find collectively a way out of this dark centralized perception of politics and the world as we know it.

  6. Listening to Alasdair Macleod is always a learning experience. He forms his viewpoints on the available facts and does not indulge in wishful thinking or assumptions and presumptions that are self serving. To bad there were not more folks like him

  7. Could you explain the consequences on the Central Banks, on inflation and on the financial markets of the QFS Quantum Financial System, the RV Re-eValuation of all fiat paper currencies and the Redemption of Historical Bonds that is starting to roll out, please?

  8. A country which put they’re trust on a monetary fiat currency and bankers enriching themselves will have their economy collapse. it’s a no brainer gold, silver are the true currency paper currency is debt and no value we are just brainwashed.

  9. McLeod is basically parroting the false Western position on the Ukraine situation. But he does state that the big losers as a result of the sanctions will be the Europeans. I guess that's straddling the fence?

  10. Another extremely interesting and intelligent video. Thank you for that. As I am writing to you from Germany, I can only say thank you to Alasdair for his predictions on the Euro, and, personally, I hope this toilet paper currency breaks down soon, as this would mean a new start with a strong DM. And hopefully it will wipe out the present communist government as well.

  11. According to Adam Smith, the free market is free from economic rents, and that is the role of the state, to free the economy from them. It stands to reason that a banker would deny the free market, in pursuit of rent seeking.

  12. awesome interview ! This is all very mixed up as Germany is part of NATO so can not easily exit EU and "go rogue". Sad and interesting times !! Great interview with Alasdair.

  13. A somewhat bizarre comment, which perhaps needs comment on by my better’s:
    If one has decided that one’s economy is no longer a manufacturing economy but a service economy (in the main), and if able to, would it not be in one’s interests to tie your currency to Gold?
    If one’s only purpose is to consume, then a stronger “dollar” then would allow one to purchase more goods from manufacturing economies at a cheaper amount. I know that’s rather simplistic, but a stronger “dollar” would have no bearing on a service economy, since “services” are all internal.
    And of course one’s “dollar” could not be devalued (which would be devastating to a service economy that relies on imports) due to the limited ability to “print” Gold.
    Just amusing myself……


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