Will The Housing Market Implode? Specialists Give Their Predictions


Business specialists weighed in with their housing market predictions for 2022. Most imagine homebuyer demand to stay elevated …



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  2. The housing crisis is fake. The U.S. have plenty of homes. We just have a lack of affordable housing. When I bought my first investment property in 2016 for $25,000, I put $30,000 in it to remodel and now its worth $250,000. That house was city owned sitting empty for 10 years yet no one bought it. We bought 6 homes so far this year all worth double to triple already and they all sat empty for awhile and again no one wanted them. Obviously this depends where in the U.S. you are but not everyone needs to live in the biggest cities and pay huge amounts for houses when they have a low skill job.

  3. You think housing bad, just think about renting for low income young adults. My complex is evicting all 400+ tenants bc they were bought under new management & want to “lightly renovate.” We were told we had to REAPPLY, run a new credit check, double the security deposit, 1st/last month rent upfront, make 3x the monthly rent, a $900 increase (3 bed units will increase by $1000) in new rental rate and we do NOT get 1st priority. I was thankful to at least get a 28 day notice, my neighbors only got a 18 day notice to be out since they’re working in numerical order. I don’t even make $30k/yr so This is physically impossible with the 3 jobs I’m already working. Management told me they will be taking applications for OUTSIDE potential tenants even while I’m still occupying & paying rent, it and I could essentially have my unit snatched from under me if someone pays the fees upfront before I can. It’s disgusting how the govt is treating ppl. What is their end goal, do they want a major homelessness crisis? I just don’t get it…

  4. if the market is overheated too rapidly and priced out, then there will be corrections… if people listened to this kind of information, they will be stuck for many years… wait for the corrections

  5. What happens to all the Bigger pocket Forum members who are cash out refying investment properties,eeking out a 1% return thinking rents always go up? What happens when you paid top market price but rents shift downwards? Seeing a bloodbath in about 12 months

  6. Overwhelming majority of real estate purchasers have a mortgage. If
    mortgage rates skyrocket, monthly payments will disproportionately
    skyrocket. The absolute lowest purchase price is not as important as the
    interest rates. For wealthy, all cash buyers, absolute lowest price is
    important. For those with a mortgage, consider these 3 variables. #1. Do
    not buy anything you will not keep for a minimum of 5 years. # 2. look
    at your monthly payment more than absolute price. ( A $700K house @ 4.5 %
    interest rate is more affordable than a $ 600,000 hose@ 6 % interest
    rate). #3. As mortgage rates rise, rents are going up. As a real estate
    investor for 42 years, my advise is to buy now and hold for more than 5
    years. God's blessing to all from Colorado

  7. I’m having a really hard time believing the supply argument. Over the last 2 years home prices have increased over 40%. Has there been some sort of catastrophic disaster that I’m unaware of that has whipped out 40% of the supply over the last two years? If anything wouldn’t you think supply would increase with that fact that a million people have just died from Covid over that same time frame? So many people have passed away that for these two years, the life expectancy has decreased. So that begs that question, is it demand that has sky rocketed by 40%. If so, why? People don’t have 40% more income in their pockets. Especially with the rate of inflation. 65% of people still live paycheck to paycheck with only 20% of people having any sort of savings. Even less of than that have enough liquid cash to put cash offers down on houses. I just don’t see how this isn’t a bubble. At least a bubble to prepandemic prices which were still high.

  8. I just backed out of an offer 2 nights ago. Broke our hearts to do so but we were about to sign up for a 4,500 mortgage. I make 200k a year and even that mortgage scares me. I’m renting for now and I’ll buy lower with a higher rate if I have to. Or I’ll just keep renting.

  9. We need to use a new acronym: FOMOA- Fear of Missing Out AGAIN. FOMOAAA- Fear of Missing out Again and Again. Many of us have been at this for years, and we’re not desperate on a whim. “FOMO”is just too immature for what’s happening out there.

  10. Can you please go over what the effects of baby boomers passing away and how that might affect the number of houses on the market. Also, is the US population going to decrease with boomers passing away? (Respectfully)


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