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There aren’t many heroes within the Marvel universe who can instantly rival the likes of Thor, the self-proclaimed mightiest hero in The Avengers. The Norse God of Thunder, Thor is established as one of the crucial highly effective characters in Marvel comics, able to besting notoriously lethal villains just like the Mad Titan, Thanos, and the Devourer of Worlds, Galactus.

With how robust and formidable a hero Thor is, you possibly can guess the villains he often faces should be each bit as robust as their Asgardian counterparts to face a lot of a menace in opposition to him.

With the current launch of Thor: Love and Thunder, let’s have a look again at a few of the most notorious adversaries Thor has ever confronted since his debut in 1962’s Journey into Thriller.

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Algrim from Marvel's Thor: The Dark World
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Solely a handful of characters stand a lot of a bodily menace to Thor, however Kurse is certainly a type of elite few. A number of iterations of the character have existed up to now, however essentially the most standout would simply should be the primary model of Kurse, a brutish Darkish Elf named Algrim the Robust.

Recruited by Malekith the Accursed to fight Thor, Algrim is badly overwhelmed by the god after being betrayed by Malekith. Barely surviving the struggle because of his magical armor, Algrim is saved by the legendary being, the Beyonder, who transforms him into Kurse — a creature with heightened bodily energy that surpasses Thor’s personal.

One of many few villains in a position to greatest Thor in singles fight, Kurse could also be extra of a supporting villain than he’s a methodical primary antagonist like Loki or Malekith, however his repeated clashes with Thor make him a standout villain readers at all times enjoyment of seeing.

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Mirror-image villains are a dime a dozen within the comedian e book world. For clear proof of that truth, one doesn’t should look a lot additional than the evil model of Superman (Bizarro), the evil model of Spider-Man (Venom/Carnage), or the evil model of the Flash (actually the Reverse Flash).

Like most superheroes, Thor has his personal nefarious counterpart within the type of Ragnarok, a cyborg clone outfitted with the very same powers and superhuman talents because the God of Thunder.

Created by Tony Stark and Reed Richards throughout Marvel’s Civil Battle story arc, Ragnarok was designed as the final word weapon to instantly fight Thor. Nonetheless, it wasn’t lengthy earlier than the clone began performing by itself initiative, killing innocents and allies alike with out the slightest hesitation or ounce of regret.

Ragnarok isn’t the best or most authentic villain Thor has confronted over time, however while you get proper right down to it, the thought of a conscienceless, amoral God of Thunder strolling round murdering and maiming with impunity is nothing in need of terrifying.

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Midgard Serpent

Mdgard Serpent
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Primarily based on the serpent Jörmungand of Norse mythology, the Midgard Serpent is a large, snake-like creature sworn to destroy Thor in a battle that can declare each of their lives. In keeping with historic prophesies, the Midgard Serpent will emerge from its dwellings under the ocean throughout Ragnarok, with Thor fated to kill the creature earlier than succumbing to his personal wounds.

Recognizing the Midgard Serpent’s immense energy and figuring out its function in his son’s dying, Odin made quite a few efforts to maintain the Serpent safely away from Asgard — first by banishing it to the oceans under Midgard, and later initiating a staged model of Ragnarok with an alternative to Thor, tricking destiny and permitting his son to reside.

As you may anticipate from a being sworn to kill Thor, the Midgard Serpent has an unbelievably big range of powers at its disposal. Immortal, indestructible, and deviously clever, it’s able to manifesting advanced illusions, infiltrating its opponents’ minds, and has sufficient venom packed into its big fangs to poison Thor himself.

Extremely massive, it will possibly even wrap your entire size of its physique world wide, inflicting mass earthquakes just by flexing its coils.

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Also called Cul Borson, Serpent is the Asgardian God of Worry, the brother of Odin, and each Loki and Thor’s uncle. A comparatively new villain within the Marvel universe — making his debut in 2011’s Worry Itself — Serpent was shortly established as one in every of Thor’s most harmful adversaries.

Regardless of being Odin’s older brother, Serpent was not thought of worthy sufficient to rule Asgard. With the ascension of his brother to the place of All-Father, Serpent developed a fierce hatred of his sibling, Asgard, and all its folks, seeing himself because the true ruler over the realm moderately than Odin.

Feeding off the literal fears of others, Serpent’s most infamous second comes when he invades Earth, enslaving most of the world’s mightiest heroes and villains (together with Hulk, Juggernaut, and Factor) and forcing them to do his bidding. As he later tells Thor, it’s Serpent (not the Midgard Serpent, as beforehand believed) that’s prophesied to kill Thor in an epic ultimate battle that can result in each Thor and Serpent’s deaths — one thing that involves transpire.

One of many uncommon villains who really achieves his finish purpose (killing Thor), Serpent is among the many extra horrifying of the enemies Thor has confronted over the ages, whose energy seemingly is aware of no limits.

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Malekith the Accursed

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One in all Thor’s most persistent foes, Malekith the Accursed is the chief of Darkish Elves faction and the de facto ruler of Svartalfheim.

A gifted wizard who honed his craft throughout a time of warfare, Malekith grew up believing warfare and violence had been the one means to advance his personal agenda (basically, turning into essentially the most highly effective being that was or ever will reside).

Maybe Thor’s most violent, sadistic foe, Malekith enjoys violence only for violence’s sake. Asgard’s equal of Star Wars’ Emperor Palpatine, he wages warfare each turns into he loves it and since it places him one step nearer to turning into the conqueror of all 9 Asgardian worlds (one thing he briefly achieves in 2019’s The Battle of the Realms storyline).

The cinematic depiction of the character that appeared in Thor: The Dark World might have left some followers with a unfavourable view of the character; nevertheless, his authentic comedian e book counterpart ranks as one in every of Thor’s most twisted, long-running antagonists.

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The closest factor Odin has to an archenemy, Surtur is the towering chief of Muspellheim — one of many 9 Worlds of Asgardian legend — and the chief ruler of the realm’s Hearth Demons.

One in all Thor’s oldest recurring villains — having made his introduction in 1963 — Surtur is fated to result in Ragnarok, destroying Asgard alongside a number of different legendary creatures of Norse delusion.

A villain whose energy matches Odin’s personal, Surtur is without doubt one of the strongest beings Thor has ever confronted. In actual fact, it nearly often takes the mixed may of Odin, Thor, and several other different heroes to defeat him. However even then, Surtur at all times finds a strategy to cheat everlasting dying.

Virtually invincible when it comes to his endurance, Surtur is nearly inconceivable to outright kill, with Odin solely often in a position to quickly imprison him after he’s been defeated. When clutching the traditional sword, Twilight, he turns into an much more formidable menace to Earth and Asgard’s defenders, in a position to sap the energy of Odin’s superhuman talents or transport himself throughout dimensions at any time when he so chooses.

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The daughter of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, Hela is the Asgardian Goddess of Loss of life who guidelines over two of the 9 Worlds: Hel, the land of the useless, and Niffleheim, the land of everlasting ice.

Although appointed by Odin himself to obtain Asgardian souls and guarantee they cross peacefully into Hel, Hela is pushed by her want for extra. Not content material to rule Hel and Niffleheim alone, she often makes an attempt to usurp Odin’s rule and set up herself because the conqueror of the 9 Worlds.

Like Thor’s connection to Mjolnir, Hela’s energy lies in her cloak, giving her a far-ranging set of talents that capitalize on her standing because the Goddess of Loss of life. She’s able to hurling bolts of pure power at her enemies, draining them of life and inflicting them to develop previous and perish in a matter of moments. She additionally the facility to revive the lately deceased again to life — or to assert their souls, as she typically tries to do with Thor and Odin.

Extra lately, followers of the MCU have seen a reasonably correct depiction of the character seem in Thor: Ragnarok, as performed by Cate Blanchett. Whereas the film does job portraying simply how harmful an enemy she will be, Hela stays arguably an excellent deadlier villain within the comedian e book world than she is n the annals of the MCU.

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Gorr the God Butcher

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The most recent addition to Marvel’s cinematic rogues’ gallery of villains in Thor: Love and Thunder, Gorr the God Butcher is a malevolent alien whose final purpose is to kill each god within the universe.

Rising up on a distant planet ravaged by pure disasters and extreme drought, Gorr believed that no gods may exist with how a lot dying and struggling he’d witnessed in the midst of his lifetime. Nonetheless, when he lastly realized gods had been actual and that that they had merely didn’t intervene on his folks’s behalf, he pledged to destroy all of them in revenge.

Buying All-Black the Necrosword (the primary Symbiote in existence), Gorr progressively started killing each god he may discover, taking centuries to finish his quest and keep away from suspicion as he carried out his murderous rampage.

Over time, Gorr would change into corrupted by the Symbiote’s unfavourable affect on his thoughts, turning into simply as tyrannical and sinister a creature because the Symbiote itself.

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The sum complete of a billion, billion creatures killed by Odin throughout an try invasion of Asgard, Mangog consists totally of reserved hatred for the All-Father. One of the crucial highly effective creatures within the Marvel universe, Mangog is pushed solely by its want for revenge, often combating Odin and making an attempt to destroy Asgard for good.

Initially imprisoned beneath Odin’s realm, Mangog escapes after being freed by the rock troll Ulik, an enemy of Odin’s who hoped Mangog would assist in his assault on Asgard.

Sadly, the plan shortly backfired, with Mangog readily escaping from confinement and storming Asgard seeking the Odinsword, making an attempt to tug it from its scabbard and successfully finish the universe.

Fortunately, Thor managed to carry Mangog off lengthy sufficient for Odin to dissolve Mangog, though the creature has returned a number of instances to wreak havoc in opposition to Asgard and its folks.

Given the truth that Mangog is principally billions of particular person creatures stuffed into one huge physique, its talents are uniquely huge. Gifted with superhuman energy, sturdiness, and immortality, it’s in a position to feed off the hatred of others, making it just about indestructible — as long as there’s hatred within the universe.

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Thor’s adoptive brother and supreme archnemesis, Loki — the trickster God of Mischief and ruler of the Frost Giants of Jotunheim — is the whole antithesis of his older sibling. A talented spellcaster who makes use of his powers for his personal achieve, Loki is Thor’s first official villain — showing reverse him in 1962 — and likewise one of many God of Thunder’s most well-known adversaries.

Pushed by a deep sense of jealousy that he’ll by no means be as totally accepted or cherished in Asgardian society as his brother, Loki units out his personal to trigger havoc only for his private amusement.

Swapping irregularly between roles as a reluctant antihero and full-fledged villain, Loki is a type of uncommon Thor baddies you possibly can’t assist however sympathize with barely greater than the totally demonic presences of Mangog or Surtur. Nonetheless, when Loki units out on his elaborate plans to overcome Asgard or humiliate Thor, readers all however find yourself rooting for him, viewing his mischievous antics in the identical mild as different villains just like the Joker.

Given their familial roots, Thor often holds again in terms of his battles with Loki — though the God of Mischief definitely doesn’t return the favor. It’s this side that makes Loki such a harmful and treacherous character, and one we at all times enjoyment of seeing — whether or not in comedian e book kind or proving to be a recurring thorn in Thor’s facet within the MCU.

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