The BIGGEST SCAM in finance proper now could be "cryptocurrency specialists"


Not speaking about authentic analysis, however quite a few these “specialists” are mainly the brand new model of penny inventory promoters.



  1. Cryptocurrency looks success actually are those who are greed hoping for quick money returns. Depends on your luck once Cryptocurrency burst and go bankrupt one day all your money goes to zero though initially looks attractive money growing. You need to run out fast and quick before BIG fish get out and that is where you profit. If greed and stay on, time comes you get nothing. Also Cryptocurrency is used for money laundering. That is the reasons why banking and government are cautious about introducing Cryptocurrency as official money transaction.

  2. I would love to hear your opinion about Pi!!! I’ve never seen any alt coin, that isn’t even worth fiat currency, gain so many clueless followers that downloaded the app thinking its immediate, free money!

  3. All markets are manipulated and "most" people should never invest in stocks, etf, forex or even crypto. Best thing to do is get a real job you like, work your ass off, never buy a house through a loan and keep your money in safe low-risk accounts. "98%" of all profits globally are generated by .000001 of the world population. Frankly its all a scam.


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