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Systemic Instability NOT Inflation Is The Menace The Fed Ought to Worry | Lance Roberts & Adam Taggart





  1. Ok, had a lot of respect for Pancr Roberts knowledge till 22:40 mark when he says he wouldn’t touch Multifamily apts real estate bc is such oversupply. That’s about the dumbest thing you could ever say. Real estate is hyper local & is still & always the best returning tax efficient investment. Yes, there is oversupply in SOME markets. But that blanket statement was just so junior varsity from someone offering investment advice that it makes me want to hurl 🤮

  2. What!? The US (under the long guidance of the neocons like Victoria Nuland & Condoleezza Rice) destroyed the Nordstrom pipelines to make Europe less dependent on Russia to financially break Russia & more dependent on the US. However, they are mad myopic geo-manipulators that are causing 1000x more destructive blowback. They are only pushing Russia, China & the BRICS to "no limits" cooperation & to expand, & along with OPEC to undermine the petro-dollar.

  3. You should watch Jeffrey Sachs and his take on the pipeline (he speaks for one hell of a lot of us as well) The US blew up that pipeline and our concern needs to be "our" committing an act of war against Russia. The absolute arrogance is beyond belief.

  4. Not real inflation? Not sure how you can lose more credibility with a single sentence. Lance seems to go back and forth every other week on the issue. Inflation is an expansion of the the money supply and causes increases in prices. Prices across the board have gone up substantially, whether it’s eggs, cars, or houses. How an advisor can say we are not experiencing “real inflation” is beyond ridiculous.

  5. So boomers got/get:
    1. Unlimited QE, which we won’t get
    2. Cheap houses that are sky high now
    3. Stimulus checks
    4. Increased retirement/medicaid
    5. Pension protection

    We “lazy” & “emotional” millennials are really happy for you!

  6. I this is my 4th time listing to this. It is a scary "coincidence" when you both are talking about the 2008 crash with Leman Brothers & hurricane Ike all around the same. You said, now that we had hurricane Ian all we are missing is a Leman Brothers moment. Some time around October- December. Now the talk is about how "Credit Suisse" is looking like the next "Leman Brothers". Today it is 10/4/22

  7. Nobody seems to bring up the Probability US Treasuries & Equities going up due to Capital Flight from the UK & Continental Europe to the USA. Same thing happened during the Great Depression.

  8. The "involved" are in to the specullations around the inflationary "possibilities".
    So for some time, there will not be any significant change.
    Unless, that the dollar or any of the big "currensies" fail dramaticaly.

  9. I think the one factor that many who think the Fed will somehow ever let us go back to a more normal credit cycle regime where "creative destruction", one of capitalism's strongest traits, is allowed to work it's magic, I think overlook that modern economists the world over have it in their heads that there is nothing fundamentally wrong with Modern Monetary Policy, just a few tweaks and away we go to nirvana. 

    I remember an interview with Ben Bernanke where he explained how wrong headed "liquidationist" processes were and how nothing good comes from things like "creative destruction", liquidations that are the result of excess in credit, etc. Like many other "modern" notions, I don't think it is as much a scientific conclusion as it is a religious one. When he described the term Liquidationist, he made it clear it was a pejorative term for all those ignorant economists around the world.

    I sincerely believe the death grip the Fed has on our economy will never be broken. It just isn't the political direction this country is headed.

  10. I’m over hearing about how everyone getting a whopping $1800 is somehow responsible for inflation. This entire conversation was like a massive cope beating around the bush that this was entirely manufactured to introduce CBDC, because shocking, all governments on a long enough timeline become tyrannical, because all governments do all day every day is try to justify their existence, which in turn makes them paranoid.

  11. Re Lance's comments from 20 mins in abt UK homebuyers' vastly increased mortgage rates, he says "don't worry about the mortgage rates, if u like the house, just buy at a high rate cos in future '…when rates come down, u will benefit …..'….." I mean HELLO ?? Wot are ppl going to use to pay uplifted, new and higher interest rates? Borrow ? Steal? Sell their kids? Get an extra job to work on the 8th day, which someone will hopefully create, cos u already working 7 days? Isn't this cloud cuckoo land thinking? Have any of you financial gurus ever, not ACTUALLY been hard up/lived in the real world? I appreciate all the finance info u put out FOR FREE …. but really ….

  12. Great discussion. It's however preposterous to take the view that Russia would blow up its pipeline. Believing that is a total failure of reasoning.

    Fortunately for the European public, this event will clarify beyond any doubt who gave Europe no way out of a harsh winter, if we are unfortunate enough to have one. European leadership does not speak for Europeans. We know who the Straussians are.

  13. Adam, don’t be a chump… Russia didn’t attack the pipeline therefore NATO won’t “retaliate”… that was Russian infrastructure destroyed by the US… Germany should leave NATO and join Russia… Nazis are in control in the Ukraine… if Germany truly despises Nazism, they would invade Ukraine but they won’t because their new German leader won power with only 15% of the vote and he’s a Klaus Schwab toadie… you guys analyzing the macro economy devoid of complex geopolitics is pointless… food for thought


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