Retiring with Crypto | Monetary Specialists Report Revealed


A rising variety of people are including digital belongings to their retirement portfolios. Capitalize surveyed 821 staff and …



  1. I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't have a knowledge on how to trade on Cryptocurrency. Where can I find a legit broker? that will manage my account and also teach me how to trade………

  2. Hi Paul n Family!
    Greetings everyone from The Youngest and Oldest Crypto Traders on the South Jersey Coast!
    Hopefully XLM will be backed by Silver XRP by Gold XDC by platinum?
    XRP XLM XDC will be the future XCurrencies per ISO4217, ISO20022, protocols 18, n AMM technology that’s available now! IMO everyone else is a also ran for currency status. The XCURRENCIES settle on demand not by smart contracts as does HBAR IOTA TRON etc settle? There will be many Tokens NFTs blockchains n ecosystems of Value in the Digital Revolution here now. But there will only be XRP XLM XDC being the MONEY for bridging assets of different Value in transactions in the QFS? There are other anolog n digital systems using other Tokens, Country Coins n CBDCs to transact. But NOT on the QFS system?
    Not advice DYOR
    Peace Out Unity through Prosperity Crypto is Colorblind Vote by Coin LFBF SSAM TYHP SDF XRP$XLMArmy1/4%er

  3. I learnt to manage my money through crypto trading and it really works for me. They say money can't buy happiness but poverty can't buy anything.I earn $410k worth of bitcoin in 8weeks with my seed investment 3BTC. With the help of a pro trader trading on my behalf.

  4. Fantastic video, I've shared it about, very glad to see it and suprising and encouraging. It makes me wonder if this could be the last 4 year cycle or if its the last cycle, actually I'm still watching and I think you're getting to this point

  5. @karadi, why do you have to wait to leave your job to start a new crypto IRA? from my experience 401k's are more work related, whereas IRAs are typically invested in outside of work, right? i know there are a lot of weird rules, so perhaps i am missing the reason why this may be the case for you.

  6. I've been in crypto since 2019 so not that long. However Most people get involved with crypto because it allows one the opportunities to play ball with the 1% retail investors are often priced out of the current market system do to high buy-ins on certain funds that offer larger returns on investments, the current system are designed to divide and conquer the super successful and the everyday citizen. Let me be clear I have know problem with people that have become super successful due to hard work , blood , sweat , and tears they deserve all the success that they have accomplished. What I have a problem with is insider trading ,high end executive clubs that determine how to manipulate the markets for there personal gains, and the banking systems that control the money we deposit into there businesses that they use for free to pad there own pockets. Crypto stops all this corruption due to its open transparency and this in return is why crypto is becoming such a big concern for the world markets this is why you should listen to Paul when he says that everyone needs to learn about self custody. does this phrase sound Familiar not your keys not your crypto.

  7. I'm currently invest in Itrust Capital. However I have to say that I don't agree with the minimum $1000 investment. Let me elaborate I agree with the minimum enrollment fee of $1000. my issue is that is the minimum of $ 1000 contribution after enrollment is to high. I feel that if someone wants to Practice DCA that they should be able to deposit any mount that they feel they can afford. Foe example if you make a salary of 100k per year then fine you can afford to DCA $1000 per month but if you make less the 50K a year this is quite a bit harder.

  8. makes sense i mean imagine buying amazon facebook apple netflix 15 years ago with the intention of holding for 15 years!! yeah thats my thought on CDC its going to be as big as netflix amazon all those companies im getting in ground floor its like buying amazon stock for $100 15 years from now cro coin will be $30 and ill have other 15 mil

  9. 2013.. I was buying BTC. My financial advisor wouldn't release my funds, so I could buy 16,000 BTC! Then, the bank flagged my attempts at buying BTC with the funds in my checking account.
    I have proof, but the bank went out of business. "Obviously, I was able to buy some, but not thousands, as I wanted. !
    Now, I'm trying to make up for it, by finding coins that will move like that!

  10. I sold all my stocks last year too. I had like 10 stocks in March 2021 …and i saw that i still have fucking losses in Oct and no signs of it getting better, and all the btc to 100k hype of 2021, i sold everything at a loss, except that garbage ATIP because i have -80% loss on that one …not selling with so much loss, no fucking way. And i invested all in crypto … because here with the retarded pumps i have more chances of getting my loss back and on top of it to make a profit. Now the question is when !? :)) Turns out the stocks that i sold continued dropping, so i made a good move, the problem is crypto also dropped lol so i am on loss here also (this is not financial advice i am dumb)

  11. Paul is a ETH maxi, all his money is in Erc20 tokens he will never give ADA proper due respect… remember this Cardano has entered interoperability… to big crypto projects in biggest country on earth; Ripple & Cardano will work together & provide total Liquidity to Africa

  12. Just friendly feedback: you guys are my favorite crypto analysis/info sources, but videos are too long and drawn out. Makes me avoid watching the videos or quitting halfway thru. I think same content can be delivered in 10-15mins.
    Maybe shorten the videos a little?


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