Noreena Hertz: The right way to use specialists — and when to not

5 We make vital choices on daily basis — and we regularly depend on specialists to assist us determine. However, says economist …



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  2. The reason for dislikes on this talk has nothing to do with the subject matter. The point she was making was simple, use your head and don't get into the habit of lazy thinking. I personally disliked this video because it felt poorly researched, the examples were not insightful, the tone was pandering and a 20 minute talk could have been shortened to 5 minutes. She can tutor all the heads of states she wants, her talk sucked.

  3. As a medical professional, I can tell you that you should always get a second opinion. Very few medical decisions have to be made instantly, most can wait at least a day. So THINK it over. However, for the decisions that must be made instantly, there is often no clear cut answer – so even doctors will be wrong sometimes. In those cases, there is really nothing you can do, except pray.

  4. When Johny told you that, you didn't shut off your critical thinking part of your brain… Nor were the stakes particularly high..

    Its very easy to be skeptical of a claim from a dubious source on a subject people like to lie about. Its a lot harder to be skeptical of a doctors advice when your life is on the line and everything their telling you seems to make sense. I believe nearly all misdiagnosis's by doctors are unintentional so your ability to detect a lie is worthless.

  5. I like this talk. In my profession, working with children, we easily see the diagnosis instead of the human being behind it. A study shows that over the past few years the increase in the diagnosis ADHD has been on an uprise 600%. What can I use this information for? It depends on which glasses I choose to look through.
    The most outstanding evidence on her ideas is the the case of Breivik. One team of psychiatrics and psychologist believed the man was insane while another team said he was sane.

  6. I hate TED talks like this that basically don't say anything. THINK! USE YOUR BRAIN! Don't take everything at face value! Oh really? I think I learned that when Johnny told me that he wasn't a virgin anyone in 7th grade.

    Her presentation was annoying. She talked so slowly, it's like she thinks the audience doesn't speak English. I wouldn't hire her for her expertise, unless it was her expertise in the bedroom.

  7. i don't really understand why there are so many dislikes on this video… all Noreena Hertz seems to be saying is that we should start thinking more about the decisions we make, equipping ourselves with the relevant knowledge so that we can join the discussion instead of blindly following the experts (who are, like everyone, fallible, as well as having their own personal interests in letting you follow them). NOT that we should disregard what experts have to say. what's not to agree with??

  8. Experts are very often seen as being something like gods. You cannot even suggest they might be wrong without incurring the wrath of people who adore them. I agree with Noreena Hertz. Experts can be helpful but we still have to use our own minds too and not shut down our critical thinking.

  9. We've surrendered too much of our wills & abilities to experts. Will public expertise be properly renumerated, I wonder? But democratising decision-making is a valuable start to a better future for all. Including unconventional ideas from marginalized groups could call into question assumptions that allow the extreme wealth-gap, & other disparities which contain tensions worthy of a nuke war. We must question the economic model of globalized competition, for example, or prepare to end it all.

  10. Why did your doctor use the term pyrexia? Because its an official name for fever.
    Why would you use big words and metaphors when some people might not understand? Same concept. Also why wouldn't you just ask what pyrexia means? And if you did, what's the problem because he just explained it to you in terms you understand which is what you wanted in the first place?!

  11. @Hrel88 I understand that questioning and not blindly following is a good thing but that seems like beating a dead horse to me. If you don't understand that concept at this point then you are probably lost. The problem is that it doesn't come across that way. So what your left with is a pretty widely understood concept, particularly among intellectuals, buried under so much BS and pointless examples that its hard to even discern the real message.

  12. @KemaTheAtheist Yeah there are experts on your life. Wether you trust their validity is a whole other thing but you can find tonnes of self-proclaimed guru's out there in the world that can guide u to enlightenment. Ofcourse you will follow these people because they are experts right? I mean an expert is supposed to be listened too right. Just like with Iraq, the experts were SURE sadam had weapons of mass destruction. Always listen to your experts now. It's your own advice….right?

  13. @KemaTheAtheist The expert isnt always the expert when the expert has too little time and too little knowledge to truely understand the situation. Doctors dont have the time to thoroughly check every patient. They'll just put u in a simple categorial box and treat u from there on. Forgetting that thinking in simple boxes leads to simple minded mistakes. If you really think that the end all be all is experts then go ahead and go consult an expert what to do with ur life. You can also think urself

  14. I agree with you 100% Ms. Hertz. I've been preaching this same message for soooo long. Seems like many viewer either didn't watch the whole video or just don't get it though. They seem to drawing their own conclusions rather than really hearing what you said. She never said experts are bad, or can replaced by average ppl. She just said question, ask why/how. DON'T SHUT DOWN YOUR BRAIN!!!!!! DON'T BE A SHEOPLE!

  15. @pinegulf I think she's saying to "try". Not to just ignore them completely. Listen to them, but question their methodology, their conclusions. Ask them how they came to their conclusions and why. TRY to understand why and how they came to their conclusion. Even if you never actually understand what the expert is talking about, your questions could fuel a thought process in the expert to look at the problem from another point of view. Don't be a sheople; try to think, eventually you'll get it.

  16. ive found a whay to sustain the creativity in the brain, during when experts speaks. trye smoke cannabis before you talk to him then while he speaks you realy thinking and going thru in the bran of evrie word he says , and you will sertenly make your own conclutions


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