Liberals 'contemplating' new instruments to assist households with inflation, says affiliate minister of finance


Affiliate Minister of Finance Randy Boissonnault says the Liberal authorities is contemplating new instruments to assist households with the …



  1. Liberals are very fond of creating "programs" to "help" resolve issues they created. The result is often a Liberal supporter getting rich whilst the rest of us go poor. They are all crooks.

  2. Unfortunately the liberals once again don't understand inflation……
    The more money they give to people to spend on overly expensive goods will only promote inflation. All of us not purchasing goods is ow inflation will go down. We need to change what we spend our money on to lower the cost of the stuff we are always buying.

  3. As the carbon tax has been a major part of this inflation will that end? Probably not. How about the printing of money that’s the other major cause of this inflation?

    The issue at hand is that we have a government that is creating policies that are causing inflation. The only way the inflation will end is if we get a new government in the house

  4. Here is what would help…..
    Housing a renting is too expensive. Either help with wages or help make housing affordable.
    Even someone working a minimum wage job should be able to afford ANY one bedroom apartment in their area, with a net income so they can save to buy a house or pay for college or use for medical expenses.
    Living paycheck to paycheck just for housing alone is enough to crush Canadians. It always makes me both amused and incredibly angry when a company has to increase prices but refuse to increase wages. Like sure….you can't afford to pay the increase so the price goes up? Well I can't afford to pay for goods and services now so I demand more $ too.

  5. So if inflation is caused by the war and China's COVID ZERO policy and a global phenomena, then how can the BoC interest rate hikes help? This associate minister is clearly being disingenuous. Unfortunately that means that almost no one in the Liberal Government today is trustworthy.

  6. Stop finger pointing and look in the mirror. This government supports global trade and so they are responsible for the risks and negative consequences of that policy along with any benefits.

    Also- borrowing money drives inflation. Stop it!


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