How can mother and father stretch their greenback for back-to-school buying throughout inflation?


With inflation rising the worth of so many issues we use on daily basis, many households need to save and stretch {dollars} …



  1. Ya there's no stretching, it comes down to choices. It's all coming from the same dollar in your pocket. So decide what your priorities are and choose where to spend your money.

  2. No point in wasting money for these places

    The education system is a failure, half of it is worthless and corrupt ideologies are infesting the classrooms

    You can teach your kids right by yourselves; you have the internet at your fingertips

    Teach them reality

  3. I don't need to stretch the dollar . The supplies last forever, my child have the same box of crayon since 4 years ago , and the schools in Canada provide for everything. Parents can't complain.


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