4 specialists react to Could's hotter-than-expected inflation report


Harvard’s Jason Furman, American Enterprise Institute’s Michael Pressure, Edward Jones’ Mona Mahajan, and Oxford Economics’ …



  1. The wage WILL not RAISE WHEN THERE is BUSINESS CLOSING AND GAS PRICES escalated no FOOD can be trucked IN WHEN no TRUCKS OR TRUCKERS SPENDING 1200.00 for diesel FUEL SO YOU ALL ARE not tuned in to AMERICA PAINS !!!!!!!!

  2. Lies! Prices have more than doubled. Food prices have more than doubled from 2021 to 2022. Wages go up by a few percentage points; are not doubled. The stated inflation rate of 8.3% is a joke; won't you try a number higher than 100%! Construction materials have more than doubled and tripled in some areas. It's ridiculously humorous and sad that these guys lie to our faces. I don't know where this guy gets his facts. I would say our inflation is higher than 150%. Other countries state their real data; we're told nothing but greatly and grotesquely humongous lies. I live in San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles. Perhaps, the rest of America has a much lower inflation rate?! sarcasm! My grocery cost has tripled, not doubled; that's a 200% inflation rate, not 8.3%!

  3. Bunch of morons. Look at every other country that see big inflation. It ALWAYS causes recession and doesn't go away until monetary policy changes. Core CPI doesn't matter. Its just a number. If no one has any more money after they spend money on food, shelter and energy then it doesn't matter what the price of those other goods are.

  4. Great job on those minimum wage changes, Dems!!! Minimum wage earners get more money, but they just have to pay more to live anyway. You've fooled them again into thinking you were going to help them! LOL Oh an top of that, you are going to cause the interest rates to climb so they won't be able to afford homes! What a win, huh????

  5. They are killing the seniors. Fixed income is all you need to point out. Inflation on any level will erode fox incomes to dangerous levels. Look at the 99 cents stores now any thing you buy there cost is 1.39, calculate how much this affects fixed incomes, geniuses$$$

  6. While it may not be the main factor behind the current high level of inflation doubling minimum wage is surely a major contributor. It ALWAYS is. This is why many of us have warned that you could raise minimum wage to $100/hour and it will still be near poverty wages was all other costs rise accordingly. Companies are not charities so when the cost of wages rise the price of their services or goods rise too recoup the cost of the increased wages. So go ahead, make minimum wage $50/hour. Just be prepared to pay $50/per gallon of gas and per gallon of milk.

  7. But they convinced us that voting in the politically correct guy would be better for America than the guy who merely made it great again. It can’t be wrong, it felt so right.

  8. Hotter than who expected? Biden did this on purpose I expect things to get much worse. Biden wants more ethanol mixed with gas that means gas will go up so will the cost of corn feeding farm animals. Ethanal is polluting and harmful to engines, 22Lbs of corn to make 1 gallon.

  9. "Since I took office, families are carrying less debt; their average savings are up. A recent survey from the Federal Reserve found that more Americans feel financially comfortable than at any time since the survey began in 2013." President Joe Biden June 03, 2022 10:48 a.m. ET Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

  10. The American people were robbed and fooled by Democratic Party politicians. It was related to their cunning work in Ukraine.

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  11. Wages never catch up with inflation, I don’t know we’re Thais guy was educated but he needs to look a the real world tons of history that wages always lag inflation. 9% inflation in service is not a great increase where do they find these guys, must be Biden economic team.

  12. 8 percent inflation is something natural in this environment. There is no need to do anything as long as the war in Ukraine lasts. FED is causing recession. Some countries experienced 300 percent yearly inflation and 6 percent yearly growth. Brazil for example. The main problem is that the poor are mostly affected by rising prices.

  13. You are out of reality when if you think we can afford this. Between gas, food and rent I’m paying over 1000 dlls more now than las year. I work 12 hours a day. Should I work 20 hours instead??? The economy is very bad let’s face it.

  14. First 2 guys are completely stupid, if they think small raises will cool this, or if they are only looking at inflation in a few areas. The rest are leaving out that what they are really saying is… recession. Lower inflation, without a job, is not a good outcome.

    Also, you can tell who (does not) go shopping for anything, because it's easy to see how bad inflation is. I go to Home Depot quite a bit, and I can see prices of various items increase weekly. Not just food. Not just fuel. And wood has gone back up, but I am not talking about that. And just wait until fertilizer prices are baked into food prices. LoL. Stagflation is already starting, but the sheep are still sleeping.

  15. Wow, there are way too many rich people in their bubbles commenting. Can someone please step out onto the street and see how regular people are doing?

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  17. All I can think about is Goxx, the hamster that was more succesful predicting crypto trades than almost any human. I think if Goxx was alive today, he would put all of these 'experts' to shame.


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