Specialists warn as Nepal's foreign exchange reserves shrink


Nepal is displaying indicators of financial restoration from the pandemic. However its central financial institution faces a scarcity of overseas foreign money.



  1. Modern economic system is a disaster for the under developed and poor countries.
    The domination of USD in the world economy just squeezes the gas out of these countries and gives the US power to bully anyone who they want.

  2. Keep hearing Nepal is a poor country, what a load of bollocks. Huge hydro potential and water resources. Excellent fertile farmland. Fantastic tourism potential throughout the country. Herbal products and timber industry potential is huge. Gentle hardworking people. Problem is the corrupt, no sorry, super corrupt elite, who run the country for their own benefit and not for society they represent. Shame on those that pray at the temple early morning and then prey on the less advantaged by lunchtime.

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  4. The difference itself is in this small reporting. Just analyse the knowledge between Rastra Bank spokesperson and United Traders Managing Director. Our country and ministries are operated by fuc***g morons. Nothing else, just an incompetent governance is diving our country towards this chaos.

  5. Blame it China or Russia Debt policy ⚠️⚠️⚠️
    Instead all such country including Sri-lanka has 40% western backed loans… And China include only 10% loan. ???
    Then whose debt Policy is this

  6. well nepal has sanction itself from global economy in terms of investments, authoritarian financial system exists here which wants to stay inside it's echo chamber forever. political leaders are very lucky to have born in a country like nepal that is holding on its own, seriously it really is !
    maybe there really is a need for an actual economic crisis here so everyone can witness the horror, and realize that no one will be safe when the whole ship start collapsing !

  7. I am a Tamil Hindu from Sri Lanka. My wish India and Nepal should be great friends/ brothers forever. Nepal should keep China at a distance as they are different culture. Moreover, China is 1 of the reason for current economic crises in Sri Lanka. China can also do the same for Nepal


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