Specialists provide recommendation to consumers and sellers within the Arizona housing market


Monetary knowledgeable Dave Ramsey and profession knowledgeable Ken Coleman go to As we speak in AZ to supply some recommendation to these seeking to take …



  1. Everyone let’s rent for 6 months until prices drop or move in with family, People need to stop buying and control the urge to buy in order for these prices to drop, sellers need to stop being greedy and drop prices now before they keep raising rates

  2. dave wont tell anybody that we are on a 100 year cycle the type of recession we will probably have is not 1950s 1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 or maybe not even 2008 but 1920 a small depression great depression or financial crisis its going to be big no matter what

  3. At the 2:40 mark he says the Phx downturn "was all the way back in 24-36 months." What!!!!????? Many of those bubble houses took 12 years to get back to what people paid for them. That is just outright wrong!!!

    Why do people let him get away with that?


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