Consultants debate whether or not Canada's response to protests in Iran goes far sufficient


Thomas Juneau, a College of Ottawa affiliate professor, and Shuvaloy Majumdar, Munk Senior Fellow with the …



  1. You (the west) installed this regime in Iran (to overthrow the Shah) and your "sanctions" have only hurt the ordinary people of Iran such as my grandmother who can't afford to buy medications yet alone food! You brought this misery upon us and we don't need your help nor sanctions we will take our country back ourselves and will not forget all your dirty politics since 1979!

  2. This is ridiculous. DO you really think the folks in charge in Iran care about some little protest in Canada? The UN and the US can't even get personnel over there, what do you want Canada to do about it? These "persians" are so ridiculous ; nevermind the fact that Persia hasnt existed in ages and theyre actually IRANIANS (i get it, no one wants to be called iranian and why would you), this country ISNT iran! Stop turning this place into the garbage heap you left. You want to help Iran? GO DO SO and leave Canada out of it.

  3. Itโ€™s not fair to impose general sanctions that would affect the Iranian people. Right now, the sanctions are hurting the people more than the IRGC. Listing the big heads of IRGC and recognizing the ones that already have a citizenship and have invested in Canada as terrorists is the most fair and powerful solution. You HAVE to consider that by sanctioning the country as a whole affects all Iranians in Canada and affects the IRGC people the least actually.


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