Can we belief this ASX market rally? The consultants like these shares: WOW, COL, CBA, JHX & extra!


Hearken to audio model right here: …



  1. XRO ….why would you bother !! Don't know what's a worse looking chart DMP or XRO…. mean reversion… I mean really isn't it easier just to get stocks bottom left to top right…. what is it with this channels love affair with these 2 stocks

  2. The problem I find with these fund managers that get interviewed on these kind of shows is they only ever tell you what shares they're buying at this particular time. They rarely ever get asked or disclose what shares they're selling and what their funds past performance returns after fees have been YTD, 1, 3, 5, 7 and 10 years versus the index. If we don't ever know this crucial information, then how do we know how good their opinion is? Every fund manager should disclose this information when being interviewed – so start asking them these questions please!


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