Superior Pivot Desk Methods ONLY Consultants Know


Superior Pivot Desk ideas and tips to make you an expert-level Excel person. Be taught Excel for Enterprise & Finance: …



  1. How can we update automatically pivot tables when we add some datas inside of our source table? I don’t wanna use refresh it every minutes or open the workbook options.
    May you help me about this question?

  2. Nicely explained Kenji, been using excel a long time, always more changes on new updates. Always learning, like a lot of people. Just came across your channel by chance and now subscribed too. Thank you!

  3. The biggest limitation I think Excel has is its limitation with larger datasets, can’t have more then about 1 million rows and if you have a couple of tabs with some rows, it’s just really slow. I started with Gnuplot instead now when I have too large datasets for excel but I hope MS expand the possibility to have larger datasets. Google sheets can have 10 million cells, also a limitation.

  4. Really good explanation, but the title of the video is confusing as the video goes around normal use cases of Pivot Table. I can't figure out what are the advanced pivot table tricks in this video which only experts know🤨

  5. Dear Kenji, can you share ideas in which ways we can do product analysis of a Company. We have many products and our Management wants to know which product we should continue and which one to discontinue selling. How can we make this decision. Please share your thoughts.

  6. I also wanna ask a question I started with the BIWS course recently to learn Modelling but would modelling be different since I am from India and we have accounting standards 80% similar to IFRS would that be a problem as probably these courses Breaking into wall street and Wallstreet prep probably follow US GAAP that would make Modelling different for US GAAP, IFRS, or Indian Standards?

  7. Great course as always, almost 100k congrats for this whole entrepreneurial project that seems to thrive (Ytb channel, Excel course you created etc).
    If you have the knowledge for that, could you please do the same format video for VBA ? I think it could help almost as many people as for Excel.

  8. It is indeed good information. I am afraid too easy for me.

    I have been using Excel since Excel 98 and before that Multiplan since 1985. In 1985 I made a vastly larger and more complex model than the one in this clip. I do admit we did not have all the bells and whistles of today's excel.
    But management at all levels got their taylorsuite page with their specifics.
    What did we do then. Driftsbokslut for a hospital with all the surrounding support units covered.
    That was my high school exam work (I have double exams :))

    So I will simply skip all this Excel thingies unless there is something vastly more interesting going on. I still know how to do all this… I just doing some time management…

  9. I subscribed ur channel couple of days ago and loved the way u explain since then i have been watching ur videos…. Can u please make an detailed advance level file on conditional formatting plz and if u have make one can u plz share the link thanks and u r doing a great job.


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