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Creators and brothers Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer added a number of new characters to the Stranger Issues season 4 solid lineup. However do not fret; many of the OG veterans return for this spellbinding season of Stranger Issues.

Spoilers are forward if you have not watched Stranger Issues season 4 but.

Stranger Issues Season 4 Returning Solid

Finn Wolfhard
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It is no shock that solid favorites, together with Bob Newby (Sean Astin), Dr. Alexei (Alec Utgoff), and Barb Holland (Shannon Purser), aren’t returning attributable to their premature deaths.

Nonetheless, followers catch a number of glimpses of Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery). Extra returning solid members:

1. Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson

Joseph Quinn / Eddie Munson
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Joseph Quinn performs Eddie Munson within the Stranger Things season 4 solid and shortly turned a fan favourite. Eddie is the highschool burnout and chief of Hellfire Membership.

Hellfire Membership is the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) group that Mike, Dustin, and Lucas joined as first-year college students at Hawkins Excessive Faculty. Munson created the villain named Vecna throughout a D&D marketing campaign, and he performs a depraved guitar.

Sadly, the city believes he’s responsible of murdering a cheerleader, forcing him into hiding with the assistance of the veteran Stranger Issues crew.

Stranger Issues Season 4 Solid Trivia

Joseph Quinn improvised Eddie’s remaining phrases, “I really like you, man.”

2. Amybeth McNulty as Vickie

Amybeth McNulty / Vickie
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Amybeth McNulty performs Vickie, the enjoyable and bubbly marching band nerd who turns into Robin’s crush. She and Robin share comparable quirks, power, and humor.

After what the city believes to be an earthquake, Vicki makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for people who find themselves displaced.

However, in fact, it wasn’t an earthquake however moderately the Gate’s opening. Nonetheless, Vickie and Robin bond in season 4, organising a season 5 romance chance.

Stranger Issues Fan Trivia

Whereas filming Max’s loss of life scene, Caleb McLaughlin improvised the heartbreaking line, “Erica, assist!”

3. Eduardo Franco as Argyle

Eduardo Franco / Argyle
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

After season three, Joyce packs Jonathan, Will, and Eleven up and strikes to California to flee the Hawkins curse. It is right here the place Jonathan meets Argyle (Eduardo Franco), a comical stoner who delivers pizza for Surfer Boy Pizza.

Argyle is the motive force for the Hawkins gang all through season 4 of Stranger Issues and turns into instrumental to the crew.

Stranger Issues Solid Trivia Fourth Season

Eduardo Franco discovered the right way to drive a stick shift as a result of the Surfer Boy Pizza van is a Volkswagon.

4. Grace Van Dien as Chrissy Cunningham

Grace Van Dien / Chrissy Cunningham
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Grace Van Dien performs the lead highschool cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham and Vecna’s first sufferer. Chrissy is relationship the Hawkins Excessive basketball staff captain and seems to have an ideal life.

However, issues aren’t as they appear, as terrifying nightmares and visions hang-out her. Ultimately, Chrissy follows Eddie to his trailer to buy medicine as a way of escaping.

She additionally clarifies that it must be stronger than weed, and Eddie is genuinely shocked. Finally, Vecna possesses and kills Chrissy in entrance of a horrified Eddie.

Stranger Issues Season 4 Solid Trivia

The Upside Down world in Stranger Issues season 4 was created with: 63,432 lbs of urethane resins, 272,500′ of rope, 18,300 pool noodles, and 78,000 sq ft of bubble wrap!

5. Mason Dye as Jason Carver

Mason Dye / Jason Carver
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Mason Dye performs Jason Carver, the highschool basketball captain that embodies the stereotypical senior jock. Devastated by Chrissy’s loss of life, he blames Eddie.

Moreover, he unites the opposite gamers and townspeople by giving them a villain. Unbeknownst to him, Vecna is the precise killer, and Chrissy was solely the start.

Jason believes the Hellfire Membership is a “freak satan cult” with Eddie as their murderous chief. So he convinces the city, and so they kind an offended mob, placing a goal on the backs of all membership members.

Stranger Issues Fan Trivia

Joseph Quinn was genuinely playing “Metallica’s “Grasp of Puppets.” The one time that Quinn is not enjoying is whenever you see a close-up of fingers on the guitar throughout the sick solo.

6. Elodie Grace Orkin as Angela

Elodie Grace Orkin / Angela
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Elodie Grace Orkin has a minor position with important penalties for her nostril and Eleven. She performs Angela, the favored highschool bully that makes life for El pure hell.

When Mike visits, they go along with Will to the curler skating rink, and Angela is there along with her lackeys. Angela torments Eleven and embarrasses her in entrance of Mike.

So El runs up on her with a curler skate and cracks her face. She suffers a damaged nostril and grade-two concussion, whereas El suffers harm emotions and issues about dropping her energy.

She battles an inside battle and questions if she is the monster. As well as, her assault arrest alerts the companies looking for her out, and hazard shortly ensues.

Season 4 Stranger Issues Solid Trivia

Sadie Sink erupted with laughter the first time she encountered Vecna, and Millie Bobby Brown cried.

7. Robert Englund as Victor Creel

robert englund victor creel ss
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Legendary horror celebrity, Robert Englund, performs Victor Creel. Victor resides on the Pennhurst Psychological Hospital after being discovered responsible of murdering his household.

Creel insists the murders had been supernatural and resulted from a demon that haunted his home. He elaborates that they inherited the house from their uncle and numerous oddities occurred earlier than the killings.

Victor took razor blades to his eyes to reunite along with his household, so he not has eyes by his personal doing.

Stranger Issues Fan Trivia

In a behind-the-scenes interview with the Duffer Brothers admitted that Robert Englund’s audition tape featured him operating traces from his bathtub.

8. Jamie Campbell Bower as One / Henry Creel /Vecna

Jamie Campbell Bower / Peter Ballard
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Jamie Campbell Bower performs Henry Creel, who can also be One, and Vecna. Eleven has a collection of flashbacks all through the season that body a anonymous orderly on the Hawkins Laboratory as her mentor and buddy.

Ultimately, he reveals Eleven a tattoo on his wrist that matches hers, however his quantity is 001. After his household died and his father’s incarceration, Dr. Brenner took Henry into the Hawkins Lab.

Later, it is revealed that Henry is Vecna and answerable for all the horrific deaths in Hawkins, together with his family’s deaths that his father is in jail for committing.

Vecna is a vicious killer who breaks his sufferer’s bones earlier than taking out their eyes.

Stranger Issues Solid Trivia Fourth Season

Jamie Campbell Bower needed to sit in a make-up chair for seven and a half hours to use the Vecna costume head to toe.

9. Tom Wlaschiha as Dmitri Antonov / Enzo

Tom Wlaschiha / DMitri Antonov
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Tom Wlaschiha performs Dmitri Antonov, higher often known as Enzo. He is the Russian guard attempting to get wealthy whereas serving to Hopper escape Kamchatka.

Enzo sends Joyce a cryptic message in a creepy Russian doll that tells her he’s alive and may’t wait for his or her date at Enzos.

After being snitched on, Dmitri is imprisoned in Kamchatka with Hopper. They work collectively to flee earlier than being served to a Demogorgon in a gladiator-style area.

Stranger Issues Fan Trivia

The documentary collection Paradise Misplaced impressed the Hellfire Membership storyline. As well as, Eddie Munson is modeled loosely after Damien Echols, a member of the West Memphis Three.

10. Nikola Đuričko as Yuri Ismaylov

Nikola Duricko / Yuri Ismaylov
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Nikola Đuričko performs Yuri Imaylov, a Russian peanut butter smuggler who prefers the crunchy mix. He is a snake who double-crosses Enzo, Joyce, and Murray.

Enzo employs him to smuggle Hopper out of Russia and into Alaska in trade for $40,000. However as a substitute, Yuri medicine and kidnaps Murray and Joyce.

Then, he calls Kamchatka and informs them that Enzo is a corrupt guard. Moreover, he barters Joyce and Murray in trade for a big payout. Sadly, the KGB nonetheless needs each of them from the occasions of season three.

Stranger Issues Trivia Fourth Season

David Harbour had his head shaved in real-time whereas filming the Russian jail scenes on Stranger Issues.

11. Logan Riley Bruner as Fred Benson

Logan Riley Bruner / Fred Benson
Picture Credit score: Stranger Issues Wiki.

Logan Bruner performed Fred Benson, a shy author that works alongside Nancy on the Hawkins Faculty Paper.

A automotive accident that precipitated one other teen’s loss of life haunts Fred. He feels huge guilt for racing residence as a substitute of going to the police to report it.

He additionally joins Nancy in investigating Chrissy Cunningham’s loss of life on the trailer park. Sadly, he’s Vecna’s second sufferer and dies in the identical vicious style as Chrissy.

Stranger Issues Solid Trivia Season 4

They modeled Karen Wheeler’s blonde wig after Kate Capshaw’s hair as Willie Scott in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

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