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  1。有相同的爱好_____________ 2。do well in _____________________

  3。和···交谈_______________ 4。go for a walk ___________________

  5。得了重感冒________________ 6。that‘s true ____________________

  7。在周末_________________ 8。do more exercise ________________

  9。玩得很高兴________________ 10。well done ______________________


  1。What are the _________ (孩子们)doing?

  2。David likes _________ __________ (收集邮票)。

  3。Can Wang Bing jump _________ ___________ ____________ (一样远)his classmates?

  4。You’ll get ________ (更强壮)and you‘ll do _________(更好)in PE。

  5。Shall we __________(开始)our __________ (课)now?

  6。Tom is _________ (缺席)because he ___________ ________ (生病) today。

  7。Please speak _________ (大声地)。I can’t _________ (听见)you。


  1。He‘s not as __________ (strong) as the other children。

  2。Look! They’re __________ (have) a chat。

  3。Jim can play music __________ (beautiful)。

  4。Which is _________ (heavy), the bear or the elephant?

  5。Have a good rest。You‘ll get _________ (good) soon。

  6。A: What ________ (do) Yang Ling often do after school?

  B: He ______ (go) home and ________ (draw) some pictures。

  7。A: What ________ (do) Su Hai do last Sunday morning?

  B: He __________ (go) for a walk in the park。


  Ⅰ Ⅱ

  ( ) 1。Do you have any problems A: I get up at six thirty。

  with your homework?

  ( ) 2。What time do you get up?B: I’m sorry。The traffic was heavy。

  ( ) 3。How about going out for a C: I‘m good at Chinese。

  walk around the lake?

  ( ) 4。Can you jump higher than Ben?D: Yes, there are。

  ( ) 5。What’s the matter?E: Yes, she is。

  ( ) 6。Is your mother good at driving a car? F: That‘sa good idea。

  ( ) 7。Are these any butterflies?G: I have some problems with English。

  ( ) 8。You’re late。H: Liu Tao‘s。

  ( ) 9。What are you good at?I: Yes, I can。

  ( ) 10。Whose schoolbag is heavier?J: No, I don’t。


  1。A: __________ are you going?

  B: I‘m going to the shopping centre。

  A: ________ do you want to do?

  B: ________ like to _________ a hat ________ my daughter。

  A: Shall we go there ________ taxi?

  B: All right。

  2。A: _________ you get up as _________ as ________ as your brother?

  B: No。I get up at 6:30, but he ________ up at 6:15。

  A: So you get up _______ than him。


  ( ) 1。_________ come to Yang Ling’s birthday party?

  A。Would like to B。Would you like to

  C。Would you like D。Would you to

  ( ) 2。--- Where ______ you just now? --- I ________ in the playground。

  A。was, were B。was, was C。were, was D。were, were

  ( ) 3。Ben and I _______ some flowers last week。

  A。plant B。planted C。planting D。plants

  ( ) 4。– What ______ he do? – He _______ pears on the farm。

  A。does, pick B。did, picks C。does, picked D。did, picked

  ( ) 5。This knife is yours, Ann。_______, please。

  A。Put on it B。Put it on C。Put it away D。Put it away

  ( ) 6。I want to ______。It is fun!

  A。go camping B。going camping C。go to camping D。going to camping

  ( ) 7。Can you say the names _______ the things?

  A。for B。to C。with D。of

  ( ) 8。All my ________ to my birthday party last night。

  A。friends came B。friend came C。friends come D。friend come

  ( ) 9。_______ your new sweater _________ me, please。

  A。Show, to B。Give, for C。Have, for D。Shows, to

  ( ) 10。The Walkman is in ________ Su Hai‘s pocket。

  A。the B。/ C。a D。that

  ( ) 11。--- Here’s a card for you。Happy birthday! --- ___________。

  A。Thanks B。No, thank you C。Yes, please D。Ok

  ( ) 12。It‘s very hot。Jim is ______ his coat。

  A。putting on B。taking off C。taking down D。take off

  ( ) 13。________ make noise; They’re _________ music。

  A。Don‘t; listening B。Not; listening C。Don’t

  ( ) 14。--- What day is it today? --- ____________。

  A。It‘s February 10 B。It’s a Wednesday

  C。It‘s fine D。Friday

  ( ) 15。“Keep off the grass” means __________。

  A。we shouldn’t make any noise on the grass

  B。we shouldn‘t walk on the grass

  C。we shouldn’t eat or drink on the grass

  D。we shouldn‘t smoke on the grass


  Jim isn’t happy for (因为)he can‘t do w_________ in PE。Ben is his classmate。He’s strong and he r _____f_______ than Jim。Mike is his another classmate; he can run as fast as Ben。But Jim is good at English and Maths and he can jump h ______

  than some of the boys in the class。He can swim as fast as his classmates。

  So he will do more exercise and get s _______。He will do b _______ in PE。


  Last week, the animals had a sports meeting。Elephant Beibei and Ant Lele had the weight lift。Although Lele is smaller and thinner, he lifted much heavier things than his body, so he won (获胜)。Next, Rabbit Benben and Tortoise(乌龟)Xiaobai had a race。Benben thought (想)himself would be the winner(获胜者)。He laughed at Xiaobai, “Follow me, slower guy?” He ran as fast as he could until (直到)he couldn‘t see Xiaobai。“Let me have a rest,” he said to himself and slept under a big tree···

  Suddenly he heard the cheers (欢呼声)。Xiaobai won the first prize (第一名)。Benben couldn’t laugh again。


  1。When did the animals have a sports meeting?


  2。Why could the ant win?


  3。Did the rabbit win?


  4。Why couldn‘t Benben win the first prize?




  1。have the same hobby 2。擅长··· 3。talk with 4。去散步 5。have a had cold

  6。确实如此 7。at weekends 8。做更多的运动 9。have a good time 10。干得不错


  1。children 2。collecting stamps 3。as far as 4。stronger, better 5。start, lessons

  6。absent, is ill 7。loudly, hear


  1。strong 2。having 3。beautiful 4。heavier 5。better

  6。does, goes, draws 7。did, went




  1。Where, What, I’d, buy, for, by 2。Do, early, gets, later




  1。well, runs, faster, higher, stronger, better



  1。Last week 2。Because he could lift much heavier things than his body。

  3。No, he didn't 4。Because he slept under a big tree till the race was over。


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